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I love a good documentary.  Facts and figures can be eye opening, but will never match the power of storytelling through the lens of those impacted.  The stories stay with you and sometimes even change you. 

This week, Beautycounter released our first documentary exposing the lack of transparency in the sourcing of mica, a raw material commonly used in the beauty industry. The documentary is only 11 minutes long, and sheds light on the unethical and unsafe labor practices along the supply chain, particularly involving children.  Most importantly, the piece highlights the partnerships that Beautycounter is fostering to bring about change to these communities in a way that still respects their local economy and dependence on mica mining. 

I thought I’d share a few other documentaries that stand out to me as particularly impactful.  


Take the mind-body connection, and then raise the bar about 10 notches.  This documentary delves into using the power of our minds to physically heal our bodies.  It explores the intersection of science and spirituality, and ultimately demonstrates how each one of us has the power to heal ourselves by unifying and amplifying our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  The stories are fascinating and the interviews highlight some of the pioneers of this work: notably, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Deepak Chopra.  A must watch!  

True Cost

This was on my radar for a couple years before I actually sat down to watch it.  I knew this would most likely be hard to watch, especially with how in love I was with those too good to be true cheap fashion finds. Yes, this will probably cause a pause when you shop, but I’ve found that consuming less and being more thoughtful in my purchases has made me much more content about what’s in my closet – and my overall life.

The Devil We Know

Ok, so this documentary may make you angry. And it should. It exposes the health hazards of Teflon – a chemical so ubiquitous that it is in the bloodstream of 99.7% of Americans. Even more disturbing and heartbreaking is DuPont’s coverup of the health impacts on a small West Virginia town.

Also, there are a ton of food documentaries that I have watched over the years, and I honestly don’t have one that stands out in my mind as the best.  I do want to mention some of these though because if your eyes have yet to be opened to the problems in our modern industrial agriculture system, watch a couple of these ASAP.  

What the Health

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fed Up

King Corn

Hungry for Change

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