Here are a few of the things I’ve been loving lately.

Blue Light Glasses

I shared these glasses a few weeks ago in my IG stories and got A LOT of comments asking about them – I’m clearly not the only one who has suffered from headaches and sleepless nights from too much screen-time.  Every time I put these on, I instantly feel my eyes relax.  And bonus on how great they look!  Another cute pair linked here as well.

Doen Rose Top

Each season, I try to incorporate one or two pieces from companies that in some way are contributing to more conscious fashion.  Doen is one of those brands that I’ve had my eye on for a while and finally decided on this top.  I love the whimsy feel, but with the black print, it grounds it a bit more and makes it easy to transition from casual to dressy.  Read more about Doen’s mission here.

Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel

THIS peel.  It is a skin game changer.  My list of Beautycounter can’t live without products grows every year, but I think this has maybe taken the top spot.  It’s actually not really a peel, but formulated with 15 botanically derived acids that work overnight to get rid of dull and dead skin cells.  My skin looks incredibly glowy and feels so soft the morning after!  (I am a consultant with Beautycounter, so if you have any questions before purchasing, reach out)

The Power of Now

This is an older book, but I recently re-read it (actually listened – Audible!) this summer and got so much more out of it the second time around.  I think books tend to meet you where you are at – and you’ll get certain messages when you’re ready for them.  For me, this book was truly about surrender – surrendering to the present moment, and in turn gaining complete acceptance for what is.  And by doing so, we break the identification with our mind – we realize that we are a BE-ing underneath all the chatter and stories that exist in our head.

If this book calls to you at all, I highly suggest the Audible version.  A few of his book editors asked questions throughout the reading – many questions that came up for myself when my mind/ego was feeling super triggered by the content.  Hearing Eckhart’s answers made me feel like I don’t have to reach full enlightenment before I start practicing these concepts.  And also read the Audible version because nothing can beat hearing Eckhart himself narrate this book.

Slip Sleep Mask

I’ve never thought of myself as a high-maintenance sleeper – but eh, this could be getting me closer.  I can usually sleep pretty well through the night, but this has brought it to a new level!  In general, sleep masks are great for blocking out the light – but this one is made of silk, which apparently can help in wrinkle prevention.  Maybe so, but regardless, I know I’m at least getting way better sleep.


Tell me in the comments below if you agree on any of these  – or some of the things that you’ve been loving lately.


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