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Last week, we talked a bit about how important your diet is in order to keep that hard working liver of yours happy and healthy.

But in order to fully keep our bodies in toxin fighting order, it’s important to not just give attention to the foods we are eating, but also the products that we use on our bodies…make-up, lotions, laundry detergent, fragrance, the list goes on and on.

There are about 85,000 chemicals that are in circulation in the US – and the vast majority of these have never been tested for safety.  Even crazier, there are more than 500 products that are sold in the US that contain ingredients that have been banned in the EU, Canada and Japan.  (source:  That makes me a little bit angry…and it probably should you too!

But the point in telling you this is not to scare you into living in a bubble or run into your make-up drawer and toss everything out –

I’m telling you this because small changes over time can have HUGE impact.

And when we start limiting our toxic exposure, our bodies are much more able to combat those toxins that we can’t control.   So what should you do?

Start with these tips in keeping your bodies in tip top detox shape…

1.  Sweat more!  Exercising regularly helps ensure those toxins are sweating right on out of you.

2.  Switch to a natural deodorant.   I admit this one is a tough one, but it is THE most important product to switch out.  You’ve got lots of lymph nodes under your arms designed to release sweat…keeping them in seems really unnatural and just not a good idea.  Pick a natural product that contains NO aluminum.  Ava Anderson is a bit pricey, but has worked the best for me.  Food Babe recently wrote a blog post raving about Primal Pit Paste, but I haven’t tried it yet.

PS.  If I’ve totally bummed you out because you were dying to wear that sleeved silk dress but don’t want gross pit stains…remember that like anything, it’s not what you do SOME of the time, but MOST of the time that matters.

3.  Strike a twist-y pose.  I could go on and on about the benefits of yoga, but I’ll stick to toxins.  Many yoga poses, especially ones involving twists, help in releasing toxins from your organs.  Always follow your yoga practice with lots of water so those toxins can continue to be eliminated through your body.

4.  Ditch the parabens and phthalates from your products.  After the aluminum in deodorant, these are the next worst offenders.  These are commonly found in many self care products…but they are also known to be irritants, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors (aka hormone havoc)

5.  Don’t forget my last post on detoxing your diet.  Eating in a way that supports your liver and other detox organs will allow your body to naturally detox itself daily.

Share some of your favorite detox methods below!

xo, Brooke

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