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Fall Favorites!

Here are a few of the things I’ve been loving lately. Blue Light Glasses I shared these glasses a few weeks ago in my IG stories and got A LOT of comments asking about them – I’m clearly not the only one who has suffered from headaches and sleepless nights from too much screen-time.  Every…

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Collagen Supplementation for Healthy Skin

Incorporating Collagen in your Diet

Collagen has been receiving quite the buzz in the health and wellness world over the past year.  But is it worth the hype? What it Is and What is Does Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, found in our muscles, bones, skins, blood vessels and digestive system.  When it comes to skin…

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Skincare on a Mission (Why I Joined Beautycounter)

I’m smitten. I‘ve searched for the past year now for a non-toxic skincare line that has products that are effective and feel good on my skin.  Crickets. Until I found Beautycounter. I love the company.  I love their mission.  I love their packaging.  And I LOVE their products.  And so I just had to be…

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5 Reasons to Love Coconut Oil

You know those things that once you discover, you can’t imagine your life without it anymore…coconut oil is that for me. I keep two jars – one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen – and use both of them like crazy. One of coconut oil’s most touted nutrients is lauric acid, a type…

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