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My Journey Towards a Conscious Closet

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved clothing.  I loved clothing so much that for the good part of my 20’s (and on into 30’s), a very large chunk of my paycheck went towards my closet.  And so much that most of those clothes landed up in heaping piles throughout my room.  And…

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Simple Changes towards a Greener Home

Simple Swaps to a Healthier Home

When I first became a health coach, my primary interest and focus was food and nutrition. I never gave too much thought as to how our external environment impacted our health – pesticides on the food we eat, harmful ingredients in products we use daily and even pollutants in the air we breathe. To be…

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Fall Loves

Some of my favorite things this Fall 1. Stuarto’s Olive Oil Local to Lexington, I’m in love with this store’s olive oils, balsalmic vinegars, and sea salts. Infused with different flavors such as Blood Orange, Tuscan Herb, and Wild Mushroom & Sage, these oils and vinegars are fantastic for instantly livening up any meal. I…

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